Moving House Checklist: What to Remember When Moving

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Moving House Checklist: What to Remember When Moving


Moving house is rarely anything but stressful and more stressful than a Office Relocation, with even the most prepared movers often finding that they’ve forgotten something throughout the long process. Enlisting the expert assistance of a removal company can help alleviate a lot of time & effort, but even then you’ll have a lot to consider and keep in mind; from the moment you view a property to the day you get the keys.

So when should you start getting ready for the move? A fortnight before the day, a month, two months? And what should you be keeping track off during the entire process? Radcliffe and Rust have offered their expertise to help both buyers and renters, with a helpful, interactive checklist that details just what should be considered, kept in mind and conducted at each and every step of the moving process.



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Some last-minute things are always vital to ask from the current tenant or home-owner, such as where water, gas & electricity meters are, what days you can expect the bins to be collected and even if there are any left-over paint tins knocking around, but for the bigger questions, this checklist has you covered.


From surveying the new, local area all the way to remembering where you packed the kettle, if you did not forgot about your broadband, this Moving House Checklist can help keep those essential steps in line and get you closer to living comfortably in your new, beautiful home.