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How To Prepare Employees for An Office Move ?

Preparing employees for an office removals is an essential step, especially if you’re planning a long-distance office relocation. Staff members are vital to the success of your business operation so to make the relocation process stress-free, communicating your moving plans is a must. So, what’s the best form of communication with your employees, and what are the best tips for a smooth office relocation? Here, we reveal how to start preparing employees for a business move.

Top Tips for A Smooth Office Relocation

Moving an office can be an overwhelming task. Plan a seamless relocation by considering the following tips.

1. Create A Timeline

Prepare staff for an office move by creating a timeline for your relocation. By doing this, you won’t forget any essential tasks and your staff will understand the moving process. Once you’ve established an approximate timeline, including the date for your moving day, share it with your employees. They may have some important feedback that you can use to make the relocation process easier. Remember, all of the principles of project management apply to successful office relocation.

2. Plan as Early as Possible!

A business relocation requires lots of preparation. The earlier you start, the easier the task will be, particularly when it comes to your employees. Your timeline may inevitably change as time goes on so be willing to communicate these changes.

3. Inform Employees of Your New Location

It’s important to send an office relocation announcement to employees either via email or traditional mail. This announcement should include details of your new office location, including a map, as well as any travel information that they may require. You should also include new phone numbers, security information and car parking details.

4. Ask Employees to Declutter

Preparing for an office move means you need to organise your business belongings. One of the most effective ways to do this is to eliminate any clutter. Ask your employees to remove any clutter from their workstations. Encourage them to either throw clutter away, take it home, donate or recycle. This process reduces the number of items you need to move, particularly those that are unnecessary.

5. Incorporate Your Staff into Your Move

Don’t be afraid to delegate moving tasks to your employees. If you have personal assistants on hand, make sure you utilise their position to help communicate important updates with staff. Make sure staff understand when they need to pack their workstations up and any other tasks that need to be completed. If you’re giving out increased responsibilities, be prepared to be flexible with other work deadlines as this will reduce stress and tension.

6. Consider Using a Moving Company

As a business owner you’re going to require assistance to move office furniture and equipment. While you can ask your staff to assist you, using a moving company relieves any added pressure and ensures you receive a professional job. If you only have a small business, you may not have the required number of employees to help you with your relocation. Using a professional company lets your staff know that everything is taken care of, and they won’t have to worry about their other commitments outside of work.

7. Be Positive!

Sharing your enthusiasm about your business relocation prevents a stressful atmosphere within the office. It also ensures your staff are feeling positive about your relocation too. Just be sure to communicate your reasons for moving office which should be related to the development of the business. Even if you’re downsizing, make sure your employees understand that this is a positive move for the company. In doing this, your staff will be motivated and confident, rather than fuelling a tense atmosphere in the office.

8. Be Willing to Listen to Feedback

An office relocation can present several problems to your employees. For example, they may have to spend more time travelling to get to work or they may require additional childcare. Furthermore, there is also the potential issue of lack of transport links and amenities near your new office location. It’s important that you address any employee concerns as soon as they’re raised. Ensure they know that you are listening to their feedback and be flexible in finding a solution. Communicate the benefits that the relocation will bring and try to balance this with any negative aspects.

9. Ask Employees to Update Their Clients

As a busy business owner, you may not have the time to update all your company information. In that case, delegate these tasks to your employees. For instance, ask them to inform your most important clients and any other businesses you work with. If you’re in a large office, you may prefer to send out a mass email with details of your new location and phone numbers.

10. Show Employees Your New Office Premises

Give employees a tour of your new premises to help them adapt to their new location. Show them the new layout of your office, where the staff room is, dining facilities (if required) and any other important things that may be needed during their workday. Once you’ve moved your office furniture and equipment, you can ask your employees for their feedback. You may need to alter your office layout slightly depending on how they reply.

11. Email Post-Relocation Information

Once you’ve moved, email post-relocation information to all staff. This should include reminders about security, parking and any other related information. Remind them that the move was successful and how you plan to celebrate your new office.


Begin Preparing Employees for An Office Move Today!

Now you know how to prepare an office relocation with employees in mind, you can start your moving process with confidence. Remember to announce your office move with plenty of time to spare. Not only will you have lots of time to prepare to move your office, but you’ll also be able to do so in a smooth, stress-free manner.



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