Need to relocate your kitchen? Here’s how to get everything set

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Need to relocate your kitchen? Here’s how to get everything set


Almost every new house owner encounters the problem of a weird house layout, especially when buying old houses. Although their appeal makes them in demand, most vintage houses require a complete remake, meaning some rooms might need relocation, such as the kitchen, one of the most important spaces in a home.

However, relocating the kitchen is quite challenging, so you either leave it for another time or prepare for the costs of plumbing, licenses, and a new design layout, which can get quite expensive. At the same time, working with professionals is vital because you’d want to avoid going back and forth with renovations.

Still, this is how you can create your dream kitchen, as you may consider adding some natural lighting and privacy to feel at home truly. So, here’s what you’ll need to do.



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Plan all the steps beforehand

Moving an entire kitchen to another room requires a lot of planning and consideration because you should do it right from the first take. Therefore, take some time to put your plan on paper and examine how every appliance must connect and how you’ll place units to save space.

For example, the first concern involves the pipes’ location, such as water and gas pipes, as they might be tricky to move in some instances. Moreover, placing them correctly will help save time and money as there will be less work. If you’re looking to create a high-tech home, know that modern kitchens can be done through push-fit technologies that include flexible pipes and valves.


Decide the ventilation location

Ideally, the steam from cooking should have a special place to go for ventilation. Otherwise, odours compromise the air quality. At the same time, continuous humidity indoors can lead to mould and mildew developing in hidden places, such as corners in the kitchen, so ventilation is crucial.

Therefore, carefully plan where the cooker should sit, considering the chosen ventilation method, such as a countertop extraction. It is also recommended that you use a high-quality product that will eliminate all the steam and odours from cooking so your walls are not in danger of becoming a health hazard.


Develop the perfect layout

You can work around the cooker and ventilation location in order to place your kitchen, so you may want to decide on having either a fitted or a bespoke kitchen because the costs and effort differ in every situation. An off-the-shelf kitchen layout is more affordable, and there are many models for one-wall kitchens, gallery layouts, or L-shaped models.

Still, bespoken kitchens ensure more freedom for creative people with a considerable budget, as you can add a corner banquette, maybe try a peninsula, place some pendants, and so much more. A kitchen has become more than a place where you cook, as people spend a considerable part of their lives there.


Check all the license requirements

Depending on how much you need to do to move the kitchen, you may need to acquire some permits and building licenses. Other contributing factors like location and the building’s grade also matter, so make sure to discuss them with a professional before getting to work.

Usually, permits are minor when they don’t affect the structure of the buildings, for example, for tiling or painting walls. Significant work includes removing walls or changing the layout of one room, so you may need several authorisations before working on the kitchen as the project will involve workers. Finally, when you’re changing household installation, you need to announce the local council authority.


Prepare your temporary space

While some people are lucky to stay with their family and friends during renovation, others have to live in the same spot, which means working with what you have. When it comes to the kitchen, it would be best to try creating a makeshift kitchen while renovations happen. For example, a gas stove and a microwave are considerable helpers when you’re waiting a long time for the room to be ready.

At the same time, prepare yourself for eating less nutritious or complicated meals, but it’s more advantageous to cook at home instead of takeout, especially if the project lengthens to maybe a month. Therefore, try to look up fast and healthy recipes online to support your strength and not compromise your health.


Get ready for additional costs

Unfortunately, most house projects always come with additional costs, as you’re never prepared for the actual situation in terms of finances. That’s why it’s best to take some time before considering relocation, mainly if it includes more than the kitchen.

Still, even if the project includes only the kitchen, you still have to consider the costs after it includes moving all the cutlery or decorations you already have, as well as the appliances. On the other hand, if you have to buy new things for the kitchen, you may start doing it before relocation or after, which still requires a lot of storage and energy to move from one place to another.


Learn to be patient

The relocation process might take longer than expected despite having all the funds because various factors might hinder it, from personal problems to layoffs. You may lose hope in some moments. However, it’s important to keep going and finish the project because the satisfaction at the end of relocation is incomparable.

Of course, support from close ones is considerably important, whether financially or emotionally, but learning to be strong and continue despite all the challenges can prepare you for something bigger. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to renovate the entire house at some point and ace it.


What do you think about a kitchen relocation?

Relocating a kitchen is sometimes necessary, especially when you buy an old house with an outdated layout. You might lack natural lighting or want a more family-friendly layout, so you decide to move the kitchen to another room that satisfies your wishes. The process will require a lot of planning, permits, and financial support, so get started when you can!